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Teaching and Nurture


Our vision is to be a church that is committed to spiritual growth and transformation; renewed by the Holy Spirit, growing to maturity in Christ, in love, in service, and in holiness, becoming the people and the church that God is calling us to be.


At St Andrew’s we seek to engage in authentic discipleship, enjoying healthy community relationships based on grace, putting others before ourselves; vulnerability and honesty; recognising our own need for healing or maybe repentance.  Through this, we believe that we will discover the unique gifts that God has given to us and that everyone will find their place in the mission and ministry of our church.


Our desire is to offer high-quality spiritual teaching and nurturing programmes geared towards individual/group/community needs.


This is complemented by the use of people’s own homes for more intimate group meetings where hospitality and service are key in building up the community in faith. These form our CONNECT Group network.

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