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Financial Giving to St Andrew's

We believe that giving financially is one of the many joys of worshipping God and investing in his kingdom both in our community and in the wider world.


St Andrew’s, alongside our Parish Contribution*, obviously has many other costs that are associated with running a growing church with lots of different ministries.  From Messy Church alongside many very valuable activities such as all our groups for children and young people, our ministry to the elderly and bereaved, and our commitment to caring for those getting married in our church and those bringing their children for baptism.


These exciting new and continuing ministries are bearing fruit, through the grace of God, because of the generosity of time, talents and money that are already being given by many of the members of our church family.

The addition of our new building The Bridge has allowed us to open doors to those who find it difficult to cross the threshold of a church doorway. We have fundraised a lot of the money ourselves along with many grants to help us. We still have a loan from Leicester Diocese that we are in the process of paying back. We have a target of 10 years. If you feel that you can help either by fundraising or through the generosity of being able to give financially we would be very grateful. Please do get in contact with us. We are passionate about reaching others with the message of hope through good news and love, our new building is playing a huge part of that mission, please prayerfully consider if you can help.   


God has blessed us with so much, and he calls us to live generous lives and to give as the opportunities arise. 



* The Parish Contribution is the money that, as a church, we annually gift to Leicester Diocese which helps towards the cost of our clergy, training, resources, and other beneficial things.

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