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Safeguarding at St. Andrew's

St. Andrews regards the protection and safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults and good working practice as a priority. In the interests of the safety and well being of all it has developed and operates a formal safeguarding policy, which is registered with the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service.


The place of worship/organisation is committed to ensuring that everyone working with children or young people:


               ● has been safely recruited,


               ● is adequately trained and supervised,


               ● understands and follows the place of worship/organisations                                                           safeguarding policy.


All of the safeguarding policies may be viewed on our church noticeboard or copies            can be  obtained from the Church Office.


As part of this St. Andrew’s commitment to children, young people and vulnerable adults it has appointed David McAughey as Safeguarding Co-ordinator. All the children and young people and vulnerable adults involved in activities within the church know who they are and how they can be contacted.


Should the place of worship/organisation have any safeguarding concerns it will seek the advice of the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service and if appropriate contact the statutory authorities.


We at St. Andrews Church are committed to the care of everyone in our church community. We will nurture and respectfully pastor all children and adults. We will create a safe, caring community which provides a loving environment where people feel safe to report or disclose abuse and where they can find support and best practice that contributes to the prevention of abuse.


  •  We commit to each share responsibility for creating an environment that is safe for all

  •  We commit to pray for our safeguarding lead(s) and those working with children and       adults

  •  We commit to respect the boundaries that are in place to protect others

  •  We commit to support those in our church who have been hurt or abused

  •  We commit to provide on-going safeguarding training for all our workers

  •  We commit to allow sufficient time and resources to make our recruitment of workers     safer

  •  We commit to maintaining an open culture where people are encouraged to share concerns

  • We commit to not take offence when challenged about our presence or behaviour.

  • We will review this statement and our policy annually.


If you have any concerns for a child or vulnerable adult or in relation to any safeguarding matter then please speak to the Safeguarding Co-ordinator.


Safeguarding Prayer

Loving Father God,
We come to you in the knowledge that you hold all your children in unconditional love.
We lift to you those who are vulnerable and in need of protection.
Give them your peace, comfort and safety we pray.
We cry to you for those who are hurting and whose trust has been broken.
Give them your healing, restoration and justice we pray.
We bring to you those who seek to forgive others who have hurt them.
Give them your strength, courage and hope we pray.
For those who have caused your children to stumble,
lead them to seek your forgiveness and to enter into true repentance.
Thank you for all who give their time, knowledge, and skills to make our communities safe and secure.
Give them your wisdom and guidance we pray.
For ourselves, we ask you give us your heart for the vulnerable, the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the forgotten. Help us to see them as you see them; to value them as you value them; and to nurture and protect them as they deserve.
Help each one of us to play our part in creating safer places for all your people.
In you name we pray,
By Justin Humphreys



Safeguarding contacts

Please contact David McAughey:




St Andrews has polices for:


* Policy and Procedures for the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults in our Churches

*  Policy and Procedures for the Safeguarding of Children and Young People in our Churches

* Promoting a Safer Church 

* Responding well to domestic abuse 


These are reviewed on an annual basis by the Safeguarding Coordinator and the PCC. These are located for everyone in all of our church buildings and can be requested through our church office on 

Click on these buttons for our latest policy documents. The link will then download the policy to your computer as a Word document

Please note that all contact re Safeguarding should be addressed to Rev. Richard Reakes in the first instance and not the people named on the documents.

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