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Justice and Care


Our vision is to be a church that passionately believes in a God of compassion and justice and which actively addresses issues of injustice, exploitation and poverty.

Through prayer and personal action, the St Andrew's Church community is working for the transformation of our local community, as well as making a difference for God in the wider world - for individuals, society, and the whole of creation.


We are constantly trying to increase our awareness of social justice issues through special activities/exhibitions/events/worship services. 


We mark regular special days like Homelessness and Poverty Sunday, Holocaust Day, Mental Health Day and other days devoted to specific areas of need.


We operate the RAINBOW SHOP, which raises money for Christian Aid and so far has raised thousands of pounds since its formation over 30 years ago. 

We also committed to supporting other organisations through our stewardship and giving that are involved in mission and social justice at home and in the wider world.




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